Can i buy the hardware here?

No. I do this just for fun (rc model flying) and am a professional software developer. I develop this app for my own use. I only share it because i spend much time working on this and want other hobbyists to benefit from this. Additionally sharing this app gives me some motivation for further developement and helps me finding bugs.

If someone wants a preconfigured adapter: They are available e.g. at Flyduino.

Which transmitter and hf modules are supported?

Every m-link hf module that is capable of connecting the original multiplex telemetry display should be usable. Firmware version of the hf module has to be V 0.44 to produce the protocol that souffleuse understands.

Grundsätzlich sollte die App mit allen M-Link HF-Modulen funktionieren an die man auch das Multiplex® Telemetrie-Display anschließen kann und die mit der aktuellen Firmware (Version 0.44) ausgestattet sind. Nähere Informationen dazu welche Module geeignet sind finden sich auf www.multiplex-rc.de.

How about old hf modules?

They work. Partly... Software should be updatable (as for my old cockpit sx from the first series) but the com port on this modules does not have a power supply that can be used for the bluetooth adapter. A simple workaround is: connect the signal and ground pins of the com port to your serial-bt-adapter and power it with an additional single cell lipo. Or try to find another place inside the transmitter where you can get power for the adapter.

Bluetooth works in 2,4 GHz range like m-link. Can they interact? Can m-link fail?

Difficult to answer. The small bluetooth adapter sends with low power compared to your m-link hf module. Both - bluetooth and m-link - constantly change the frequency they are using. In theory there is a chance that both use the same frequency at the same time. But both systems are designed to handle this situation as it can occur frequently if other transmitters are working at your flying field.

However: You SHOULD do a range check before launching to check if everything is ok.

Which sensors are supported?

Every sensor that works according to the m-link sensor specification version 2.0 should work. Currently not supported is only the sensor class 0 which contains special messages that can be used by turbine electronics.

Any new features in the pipeline?

A data logger should be integrated soon. Definition of alarms inside souffleuse too.


I rent this webspace for this project. That costs my money. I spent a lot of money for the hobby itself. And a lot of time in developing souffleuse. If you want to contribute you maybe want to send me a small amount of money to show me that there is someone out there who likes the project: