Short instructions for the app

I tried to make the app as simple as possible. But there are a few points you should known.

System requirements

Souffleuse should is tested on Android 2.3 and above. A Text-to-Speech engine should be installed. And of course you need the hardware.

Channel switches

The hf module sends a single bit for every transmitter servo channel over the telemetrie link. This bit switches when a channel is moved to minimal or maximal position. This mechanism only works if the channel travels full ways. Dual rate or servo endpoint adjustment prevent the bit from switching. The app shows the state of the current channel switches (if currently connected) at the top of the main screen.

Sensor names

In settings you can configure any number of sensor names. Sensor names are attached to sensors in the main screen by a long click on a displayed sensor name.

Unit names

Simular to sensor names. But you have to do a long press on the unit in the main screen to attach a unit name to a sensor. Unit names can have a factor and an offset. The sensor value is multiplied by the factor, then the offset is added. You can use this e.g. to change a mAh sensor value to a % usage of lipos or to change meter to feet. An example (2200 mAh lipo) is included in the initial data of the app.


For the vario to work there has to be a sensor sending m/s and you have to assign the special sensor name "*Vario" to this sensor. To enable vario you have to configure an action to switch vario on.


Actions currently are not fully implemented and not fully tested. Channel switches, "on" and timers should work as events. Working actions: Speak single sensor, speak all sensors, vibrate and vario.

Known Errors

In the current version you should not delete any sensor or unit name as this can corrupt the internal database.

Sometimes there are connection problems. In this case try to stop Souffleuse in the android app settings and try again.

On first run after installation you can see in settings that the first bluetooth device found by android seems to be configures. This is in fact not really the case. You have to select the device you use for the connection to your transmitter manually even if it appear to be selected. Once you have selected any bluetooth device the problem should be gone.