ubit-rc.de - Souffleuse

A couple of years ago Multiplex® Modellsport GmbH developed their 2.4 GHz transmitter technology M-Link. This was one of the first 2.4 GHz Systems of a well known rc company that includes telemetry functionality.

Multiplex decided to open the specification between sensors and receivers. A number of commercial and non commercial projects have developed sensors.

In 2012 Multiplex announced some additional devices to implement an additional display (Article no. 45182) and a text to speech system (article no. 45185). As of april 2013 the speaking device "Souffleur" is still not available.

While flying my helis and planes i cannot watch any display. I implement my own system to convert sensor values to speech with an android smartphone.

Multiplex does not provide any specification about the protocol send from the hf module via its com port. With some help and investigation of other modellists decryption of the protocol was easy.

To transmit the data to the android device a small serial bluetooth converter is needed. Such modules are cheap and you can buy it preconfigured.

Currently the project is still in an early stage of developement. I am working to build a useful and comfortable system. As i am a hobbyist the software is available for free.

Here you find a discussion thread in the german rc-network forum about the app.